Monday, 28 September 2009

Section B brief

You Must:
Describe what you plan to do (production planning).
Brainstorm ideas for a song and pick one.
Research the group/artist you have chosen, describing their music, image, history etc.
Research music videos , describing the editing, mise-en-scene etc.
create a group/artist of your own and create a profile describing them.
storyboard your music videos.
try to film and edit your music video.

You Could:
Analyse a selection of music videos of your chosen genre to find the key conventions.
Link this research your [planning and prioritise conventions to use when devising your video
shoot and edit your video.
shoot and edit your vieo tio a highkly polished, professional standard, evaluatiojn as you work to achieve the best possible result.
Annotate yoput sketchbook thoroughly to show the relevance of your research and the progress of your planning.

You Should:
Write an audience profile describing your group/artist, target audience and explaining how you will target them.
carry out a variety of resea\rch including audience research.
Link your research ,findings to devise a video concept that will appeal to you audience.
Shioot your music video.
Edit your music video using imovie.

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