Monday, 5 October 2009

Analysis of Music Video- Doves-Kingdom of Rust

I am analysing the doves music video for their song called 'Kingdom of rust'. In this analysis i am going to write about the storyline of the video, the setting and how this music video is effective in marketing the band and the song.

Firstly the storyline of this music video is about a man who live in a small town who sets of on a journey to scatter ashes of a relative or close freind who has past away. I believe that this music video is effective and it very emotive because of the way that the music goes with the music video. What i measn by this is that the music reminds me of travelling and the music video portrays that. This is effective because everytime somebody heres the song they will have a memory and memory is what music is all about in my opinion. The music or songs people usually like is due to the way that when they listen to the song it triggers a memory about something that has happened to them previously.

The setting in this video at the beginning is a small town/village and then later on in the song the setting is based in the countryside and then he ends up on the beach where he scatters the ashes. I believe that the change of setting in htis video makes the video feel unique and after watching the video after several times the video it wont get boring unlike other videos. At the begginning of the video the it is rainning but later on when the man scatters the ashes the sun comes out. this suggests to audience that he has found his or acomplished what he set out to achieve.

Although the band are not shown in this music video it is still effective at marketing the song. My reasons for this is because the song goes along with the video so well. The music video shows what the songs lyrics are about. So therefore this would make the music video and the music flow well together, meaning that without the audience realising it they will make a connection. Even though the band is not in the music video I believe people who watch the video will still buy the album or single. My reasoning for this is because sometimes in music videos its good to have a story instead of showing the band playing live etc. People get tired of always seeing the artists in videos.

For our music video we want to use this music video for our inspiration. We want to make a music video that has a story behind it. We are not sure yet but we think but the story in our music video will be about a man looking for something or someone.

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