Monday, 5 October 2009

Straight from the brief - Our plans and ideas

Before we wanted to begin planning our Music Video, we needed a song. We discussed a variety of song names and different music videos and failed to come up with a specific choice. What we will be presenting in this post will be our specific plans and ideas for the actual video - Not the specific song that comes with it. But a general idea of the genre of music of our selection.

The genre we will be focusing on will be of the Alternative choice. (More specifically, Grunge.) Which will probably dictate most of the way that we plan our Music Video. It will probably bring alot of dark ideas with happiness represented in a frightening way. We believe the genre will be more orientated for the 15-30 age group. As these are the ages most influenced by the grunge genre.

We will be reviewing and writing about many different videos of the same style and we hope for it to be a success amongst the viewers.

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