Sunday, 18 October 2009

Primary Audience Research

Quesion air-

Q-How many hours of music videos do you watch a week?
A-2 hours
A-4 hours
A-5 hours
A-0 hours

Q-What Music channels do you watch?
A-Channel U

Q-What is your favourite type of music?
A-Hip Hop

Q-Do you prefer music video that have stories, feature the artists themselves or that are animated?
A-Features the artist themselves

Q-How many Albums a month do you buy because of the music video that you had seen on the television?
A-2 Albums
A-5 albums
A-4 albums
A-4 albums

The information that I have gathered from this questionnaire helps me with our music video that we are going to create. From the information that I have gathered I can find out that people mainly wtch about 4 hours a week of music videos on avarage. I have also found out that people watch rock music channels the most. This helps us because we know that more people would see our music video if we did a rock video. We found out that people prefer music videos that have stories rather than a music videos that show the artist or band. This means that we have more reason to do a music video with a story in it and hopefully more people will like our video. On avarage people buy 4 albums a month because of music videos that they have seen on the television. this will inform our producion work because we know that as long as we do a good music video that creates a good atmosphere that goes well with the song, people are likely to buy our album.

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